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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions from our customers. All of the answers relate to our residential services, with some to our commercial services. If you need additional information that isn’t provided here, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

What areas do you service?

We service all metro Atlanta areas.

Do you guarantee your services?

SparklingClean of Georgia provides a walk-through quality inspection after each cleaning and we will only consider the job completed when you are 100% satisfied.

Are you insured?

SparklingClean of Georgia is bonded and insured. Our technicians always clean your home or business with care and will ask if there are any items that need special consideration. If damage to an item does occur, we will repair or replace that item, and file insurance claims when appropriate.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, we do not require contracts for residential services, but you do receive a discount when you agree to at least three consecutive cleanings. You can schedule cleanings from once a week to once every 4 weeks. The more cleanings, the larger the discount. If you sign a contract for a minimum of 12 consecutive cleanings, you will receive one FREE professional carpet cleaning for your entire home once the contract has been completed. Please call for details.

We do require contracts for most commercial accounts, but there are certain services or situations where a contract may not be necessary. Please call for more information.

What happens if I stop my regular scheduled cleanings?

Since you receive discounted prices by scheduling at least three consecutive cleanings, if you stop before your third cleaning you will be charged an additional fee equal to the difference between the discounted rate and the standard rate for the cleanings that were provided.

What forms of payment do you accept for your services?

We accept credit cards, checks and cash.

How many days do I need to call ahead of time for a cleaning?

We prefer that you contact us at least two days before you need your cleaning, so we have time to meet you at your home and provide you with an accurate assessment, but we can usually provide a cleaning in as short as 24 hours if you have an emergency (like a surprise visit from the in-laws).

Do I need to be at home while your team is cleaning?

You do not need to be at home as long as you have coordinated with us on how our team will get in. Most customers provide us with a key that is secured in our office. Please remember to turn off your alarm system. There is a $30 fee if we are unable to enter your home or cannot provide cleaning services due to your alarm system or an unrestrained pet that may pose a threat to our team members.

How do you make sure my key is secure?

Your key is placed in a locked security box that is ony accessible by the manager. Your key is issued to the lead team member on the day your home or office is to be cleaned, and is returned to the security box at the end of the day.

What days and times do your cleaning teams work?

For residential service, our teams typically work Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you require a Saturday appointment, a surcharge is added. For commercial service, our teams are available 24/7.

Will I always have the same cleaning team?

We do our best to maintain the same teams for each cleaning project. The only time that a different cleaning technician will be involved is if the usual member of the team is not able to work that day.

Can the cleaning team be at my home at a specific time?

We make every effort to arrive at the time you request. On rare occasions our teams may not be able to arrive at the exact time scheduled due to traffic or unforeseen delays at previous appointments.

Do I need to do anything before the cleaning team arrives?

To provide you with the best service and reduce the time required to clean, please pick up clothing, toys and other household items that might be an obstruction. Other than that, we’ll take care of the rest.

What should I do with my pets?

Just make sure that your pets are kept in a safe, secure place. We cannot be responsible for indoor pets getting outside if they are roaming free in your home, and due to safety reasons we cannot clean if there is any possible threat to our team members from a pet that is not secured properly. There is a $30 fee if we cannot provide cleaning services due to an unrestrained pet that may pose a threat.

Do I need to provide any supplies?

We use our own supplies and equipment, but if you have any supplies or equipment that you would prefer us to use, we will be happy to do so.

Is there anything your cleaning team will not clean?

We will not clean any feces, vomit, urine or blood due to health safety reasons.

What happens if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

Our cleaning teams do not work on major holidays, so we will contact you to reschedule your service.

What if I need to change the date of a scheduled cleaning?

Please call us at least 24 hours before your cleaning day and we will be happy to change you scheduled date. You will be subject to a $30 charge for date changes or cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled day of cleaning.

What do I need to do for a move-In or move-out cleaning?

Please make sure that your water and electricity are turned on the day of the cleaning, and that your home is completely vacant. In the case of a move-out, any small items that are left behind will be considered trash, and might be removed from the property.

What if my utilities are off the day of the cleaning?

You will be charged a $30 rescheduling fee, and we will need to reschedule for a day when the utilities can be turned on. If it is not possible to have the utilities turned on, and we are able to perform the cleaning services, you will be charged an additional $50 fee.

What if I am still moving the day of the cleaning?

An additional $50 fee may be incurred, or the cleaning may need to be re-scheduled, depending on how much obstruction is caused by the move in progress.